★ it is all about stripes 1 ★

I am caffeinated by stripes ★ so basic everybody wears them with everything. Don’t write off this easy print as boring just yet, whether horizontal, vertical, thin, thick, black and white or in living colour, stripes make a graphic statement. And while we cant think of a time when stripes weren’t in, they are certainly a style essential for your little ones.

See below exactly how you can earn your kids style stripes testing this hot trend.★


★ kiddy trench coat ★

Charlotte loves her trench coat... an iconic style essential that is just perfect when the weather gets cooler.

trench coat (noun): a usually long raincoat with deep pockets and a belt

It is a style essential for adults and kids. A trench coat is a raincoat made of waterproof heavy-duty cotton gabardine drill, or leather, or polin. So it is the perfect item to wear in autumn. The classic versions come in various lengths ranging from just above the ankles (the longest) to above the knee (the shortest). 

It was originally an item of clothing for Army officers (developed prior to the war but adapted for use in the trenches of the First World War, hence its name) and shows this influence in its styling. Traditionally this garment is double-breasted with 10 front buttons, has wide lapels, a storm flap and pockets that button-close. The coat is belted at the waist with a self-belt, as well as having straps around the wrists that also buckle. The coat often has shoulder straps that button-close; those were a functional feature in a military context. The traditional color of a trench coat was khaki, although newer versions come in many colors.

The classic trench coat is from Burberry … but there are plenty of other brands out there!

Get inspired by the looks below:


★ street style – preggers ★

When I was pregnant with the girls… for an edgy look I was wearing the cool shirts from my little brother Luca combined with maternity jeans and some stylish sneakers and leather jacket.

The essentials for a stylish mum- to- be are maternity jeans (slim fit & boy friend cut) and black maternity trouser, elastic dress (so you really can show off your bump!) that you can combine with many ACCESSOIRES (fabulous & cool shoes, scarves, hats, bags and shades). Yes, it is all about accessoires!

For all stylish mums- to- be, get caffeinated by the looks!


Wishing you an easy pregnancy…Enjoy, it is wonderful!★

★ street style – cool mums I ★

Caffeinatedmum aims to be also a source of fashion inspiration for all mums, who have no doubt had to adapt the pre-pregnancy style to embrace motherhood. Think of yummy mummies like Nicole Richie, Jessica Alba, Alessandra Ambrosio, Miranda Kerr and yes I could go on! Sure, most of us don’t have the endless budget or a speed-dial stylists, however through cleverly mixing designer, high street wear, with some statement accessoires and cool shoes it is possible to emulate their look and feel incredibly stylish without spending too much money.

Get caffeinated by some stylish mums below: