★ it is the season for wish lists ★

It is the season to be jolly, it is the season for for “Lebkuchen” and for wish lists….

I have started my very own caffeinatedmum’s wish list for Charlotte, a lovely collection for my little lady, perfect for the festive season…
1. Swan Dancer Feather Headband from Tutu Du Monde. 2. Star Lapel Pin from Titlee. 3. Cookie Pink Nail Polish from Nailmatic Kids. 4. Polly Rose Glitter Nail Polish fromNailmatic Kids. 5. Nina Ruffle Top in Dusty Rose from minouche. 6. Pom Hair Clip fromWoodstock. 7. Prince Pom Hair Clip from Woodstock. 8. Luna Wand in Powder Pink fromNumero 74. 9. Emma Ruffle Bloomers in Dusty Rose from minouche. 10. Caramel Cat Purse from Emile Et Da. 11. Pompom Socks from Louise Misha. 12. Pearl Pompom Bracelet from Louise Misha. 13. Hanoi Pearl Pompom Bracelet from Louise Misha. 14. Sunday Sandal from We Are All. 15. Fairy Wings from Numero 74.

★ what comes in Miss C’s suitcase ★

Charlotte is traveling to France with her father – for the first time just the two of them! Father- daughter- bonding…

But mum still insisisted to do her luggage.


So what will be going into her roller suitcase? “I always dress practically, like trenchcoats for her and scarves . . . . I always bring sneakers with me to Paris, so does Charlotte….her ‘adidas’, bien-sur!

Don’t expect always a trendy look from Charlotte, however I believe that the best wardrobe is built upon quality, not quantity, and gravitate toward mix-and-match pieces “in a neutral color palette with a little bit of pop.” Bonpoint (bought on sale, when possible) is the go-to for Charlotte, because it withstands washing. Zara is another kidswear favorite – and affordable! Charlotte’s shoe wardrobe includes T-strap Mary Janes from Jacadi and various kicks, and she’s been known to accessorize with scarves and bags! The bags are quite important as she carries her treasures in it…



Mabo Cora blouse,  mabokids.com;Bonpoint dark denim dungarees, bonpoint.com; Adidas Stan Smith sneakers, adidas.com; Hazel Village Juliette Rabbit doll, $42,hazelvillage.com;


Crew chambray keeper shirt,  jcrew.com; Hello Shiso plastic star outline clips, helloshiso.com; COS slim denim jeans, cosstores.com; Bonpoint sandals, bonpoint.com; Goat Milk organic pointelle tank, goatmilknyc.com; Brimful wooden camera, brimfulshop.com

As Charlotte and her father will spend most of their holidays in Brittany a rain jacket is a must have!!


Gap rain jacket, gap.com; Alex Eagle x Elfie Aran jumper, elfielondon.com; Anaïs & I Lulu dress,  anaisandi.com; Little Mary Milocho boots in brown,smallable.com; Caramel Baby & Child ribbed knee-high socks, shopeggy.com; Papinee Horse Amuse,  papinee.com; Zaikamoya angora mittens, fawnshoppe.com

Get caffeinated and explore the world! xx

★ made with L-O-V-E – baboushka ★

Today I would like to introduce the small French fashion label “Baboushka” by Veronique Roland- Billecart.

All pieces are unique, handmade with L-O-V-E and an eye for little details, all materials are from high quality e.g. Liberty London!

12472617_596629243823477_4503475585631656592_n12990887_596629090490159_1962139462723856327_n 13043413_596629320490136_7704762281362386749_n12961574_596629150490153_2777454191465190456_n

We are definitely caffeinated and in love with each single piece. What about you?

Caffeinated?!….I am happy to take your orders. xx

★ it is all about stripes 2 ★

Did you know that the original breton striped shirt came with 21 stripes on it?

Me neither.


Each stripe functioned as a numerical totem that tallied Napoleon’s militant victories.

It was not until 1917, when Coco Chanel first introduced the hitherto work shirt (it had been created in the mid-1800s for members of the French Navy — seamen if you will) to a collection for resort (though it was not being called resort back then) that the shirt made its first foray into the sartorial vernacular of fashion.


Then, of course, there came the Audrey Hepburns and Brigitte Bardots of the world, who seemed to emanate that sense of, “So you can’t quite approximate my full eyebrows or conversely fluent-looking bed-head? No problem. Approximate our shirts.”


And approximate ye did.

If Alexa Chung, Audrey Tautou, Kate Moss, Edie Sedgwick et al are an indication of anything when considering the horizontal slivers of navy, it is that the easy, achievable and accessible nature of the tees are exactly what make them seem so swank now.


Of course it doesn’t hurt either that the illusion of a little French boy is consistently conjured up too. But if I’m being really honest with you, all this metaphor is to say that my money is on stripes. They’re befitting wherever they’re placed:



★ liberty print outfits ★

Since I started to shop for my little girl, it is a fact that I do LOVE liberty print!!! A feminine print of small garden-party florals. First popularized by London’s Liberty & Co.department store. It gives off a sweet & sophisticated country vibe with a touch of understated romance. The print is so popular, it made its way into the best kids’ fashion houses like Bonpoint (1.), Jacadi (2.), Cyrillus (3.), just to name few… and as the latest picture of Princess Charlotte (4.) proves –  into the royal houses.★





























Caffeinated by the look of little princess Charlotte, I would like to inspire you with some liberty print outfits for fashionable girls below.★


★ it is all about stripes 1 ★

I am caffeinated by stripes ★ so basic everybody wears them with everything. Don’t write off this easy print as boring just yet, whether horizontal, vertical, thin, thick, black and white or in living colour, stripes make a graphic statement. And while we cant think of a time when stripes weren’t in, they are certainly a style essential for your little ones.

See below exactly how you can earn your kids style stripes testing this hot trend.★