★ ikea hacks ★

I love Ikea!!

Some people might say that Ikea is simple and boring… I disagree, it is an excellent base to create beautiful things. On the blog I will introduce brilliant Ikea hacks every stylish mum should know. Today we ★ pimp my kitchen ★….get caffeinated and tune the Ikea “DUKTIG” play kitchen!  Create an individual kitchen for your little one that ads fun & style to the kids room.


Have fun!★

★ tassel girland ★

One of my favourite items, that you can find as well on the style spread for toddlers, is the tassel girland! It is great to add some fun in the room of your little one or just as decoration for the next kids party.★

You are caffeinated by this DIY idea? So get crafty….


1. Take one piece of tissue paper (1 piece will make 4 tassels).  Fold it once lengthwise, then once widthwise, and one more time widthwise.

tasselgarland1 (1)

2. Cut little strips (this is your fringe) leaving 2in. of uncut tissue paper on the top.  Then unfold it once and cut down the middle. 

*make sure the “top” (2in. uncut portion) is on the fold . . . you will see why.

*If you have trouble cutting through all the layers of tissue, like I did, feel free to unfold it once and cut.  
tasselgarland2 (1)

3. Take one of the halves and unfold it again, you should have 2 sections.  Then take the second halve and unfold it again.  One of them will need to be cut in half lengthwise to make 2 more sections.  You should end up with 4 separate sections.

* This is a good time to plug in your hot glue gun.

tasselgarland3 (1)
4. Take each section one at a time and roll the center portion.  Make sure to not let the fringe get tangled as you roll.  It helps to gently run your fingers through the fringe as you roll.  Next, twist the center (the unfringy part…it’s a word…sure), till it looks like the last picture.
tasselgarland4 (1)

5.  You’re almost there!  Take your tassel and fold it in half twisting the sides in opposite directions until it makes a little loop at the top.  Put a dot of glue from your hot glue gun on the spot indicated, and twist the two sides around each other. 

* Make sure to hold the glued portion together for a couple seconds to allow it to dry.  

Lastly, string and enjoy!

* If you are using something bigger than twine to hold your tassels, you will need to glue your tassels around it.  I made the tassels separately because I knew my twine would fit through the holes.

tasselgarland5 (1)

★ live, laugh & create ★

Live, laugh & create word banners!







I love graphical prints, funny texts and I also want to share this passion with you. With a package full of words (via Van Mariël (*)) you can create the funniest words and texts. Word banners are stylish & personalized decor items that will add a splash of fun to your house.






If you are caffeinated by wordbanners, I highly recommend checking this website http://www.vanmariel.nl.

(*) Van Mariël is a young brand in Livestyle decorations. Van Mariël represents basic, obstinacy and robustness.  The range is large and is continously renewed. The person behind Van Mariel is Mariël Valley. She was born in Enschede and she is still living there. Mariël completed the education  Management, Economy & law and in addition online marketing & social media. Van Mariël was established on 25 August 2014.