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… your lifestyle Mama blog by ©ninabertin – Coffee addict (*), creative Event Planner, wife & mum living in between the contrasts (Europe – Middle East). I love interiors, social media, fashion and photography. The lifestyle Mama blog by ©ninabertin aimed at stylish & smart mums (but all sneaky male readers are more than welcome too).

I am married to a French man and I have three gorgeous girls, Charlotte Marie Cecilia (3 years) and the twins Mathilde Marie Julie & Louise Marie Elisabeth ( 2 years (*)).

This is a place for inspiration, creativity, honesty and sharing. It is an interlude of the daily routine for which I require caffeine to do it all. The blog should be a little indulgence into the beautiful  & stylish moments of motherhood and beyond. You will also find posts about the tough moments of being a mum, as motherhood sometimes comes with struggle and I think it is important to know that this is ok – at the end it that makes us the strong women, who we are!

I show my personal perception of style and my life as a mum in the sunny metropolis Dubai and the Swabian capital Stuttgart in Germany.

(*) also highly stimulated by caffeine


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I am used to wear smart tailored suits, heels and the little scarf for work – mapping out creative experiences that is called events.

With a Bachelor degree in business administration and over 13 years experience in the International Luxury Hospitality Industry and more than 10 years combined experience in Events Management and Planning, Event Sales & Marketing and Account Management, I have worked in different countries (Germany, Spain and the United Arab Emirates). 

I am currently juggling an exciting job in Middle East’s largest multi-themed leisure destination with my family demands (being a wife & mum to 3 girls) continuing my portfolio career as I have studied hard, and worked my way up to a reasonable level within my corporate, suit wearing job.


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I love to hear your stories and really appreciate and love your comments. The main reason why I started this blog is my interest to exchange and interact with mums, parents and their kids from around the world.

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